Andy Joshua, MPM

Head of Schools

Andy Joshua was graduated from The College of William and Mary, where he received a BS in Physics, and from the University of Maryland's School of Public Affairs, where he received an MS in International Security Policy. He is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Eastern University where he is studying Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Educational Leadership.

As Head of Schools, he brings many years of experience and training, and a passion for the importance of a quality education in the lives of young people. His engaging and innovative approaches to urban youth ministry and education have been instrumental in the success of UrbanPromise teens and college students.

Now in his 20th year with our organization, Andy has worked in a variety of capacities at UrbanPromise--as the children and youth ministry director, the StreetLeader director, a work crew coordinator, teacher, and coordinator of Christian development. Through his years of experience with urban youth, he has developed a voice for speaking on social justice issues, youth development, and effective methods for working with teens. Mr. Joshua enjoys spending quailty time with his wife and three children.